Justice grew up with a pretty ordinary life. She had plenty of friends, she was smart, caring, and beautiful. She could have done many great things, but she did not believe she was any of these things nor did she believe she could achieve greatness.

Justice suffered terribly from anxiety and depression. She tried many medications, but nothing seemed to help. So Justice turned to something else, heroin.

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I made a deal with the devil
He took me by my hand
I snorted my first line
Now I need at least a gram
His kiss was sweet he sucked me in
I always wanted to be thin
My depression was so sick within
But he took that burden away with him
Months go by
He sucks me dry
I don't have money
I'm sick, I cry
I loose my family and all my friends 
I'm his victim in the end
The sickness comes back
And harder and fast 
It brings me to my knees at last
I fell asleep with him and woke up alone
This darkness I live in, but the world I was shown
I lie and steal and cheat my way by
Can't think about regrets only getting high
It's too big a burden to bare as hard as I try
What they don't see is I want to die
I shoot too much right in my veins
I'm too weak for all this pain
He won at last my soul is his
But it was before all of this
He took my heart the day we met
Now I'm filled with horrible regret
I hate myself, this is what I get
He gave me pleasure, I owe him a debt
He killed me slowly
It started off so pure
He's a genius with an evil lure
He saw my smile and knew he could draw me in
I was a good girl he filled me with sin
I live with this hole buried within
And he digs and digs deeper when the needle goes in
My family now deals with the pain I inflicted
My siblings can't deal now they're his new victims 
In a world so free you can feel so restricted
The dope through the vein can make you feel gifted
But it's never enough it ends so soon
Flesh beaten and covered in wounds
You become the enemy when you just need a friend
You cry til you sleep you want it to end 
The cycle repeats just so he feels complete
You'll regret the day you meet
He'll make you fall to his feet
And in the end we all have nothing 
And in the end he sucks us dry 
I wish I was strong enough to just say no 
But I'm not I gotta go 

Justice C

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THROUGH awareness

"When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top"

~Author Unknown

Our Mission

Justice's Fight was founded in 2015 by Jennifer Kelly, a single mother of two who was struggling to help her daughter fight a heroin addiction, when the worst happened... 

If you want to get involved to help battle the heroin epidemic in southern New England, please contact us to support Justice's Fight.

Projects & goals

Justice's Fight

justice for all addicts

Justice's story

Justice used heroin for two years. In that time we tried unsuccessfully to find her treatment. She tried detox centers, which turned her to a methadone clinic. She received no counseling or support. Methadone alone could not save her and ultimately methadone only made her situation much worse. It doesn't change the behavior and doesn't cure the addiction.

So Justice continued to use. Both my mother and I tried desperately to get Justice into rehab, but because of the methadone there was not one single rehab center that would take her. What some don't know is once they are on a higher dose of methadone they can't go to a treatment center.

Today Justice suffers from a severe anoxic brain injury. She will probably never recover. Heroin indirectly caused this injury. Justice didn't want to be a heroin addict, she begged at times for help. Heroin stole her life, her dreams, and her future. She will never get married or have children. There will be no first house, or great job. Heroin stole my daughter from me.

Jennifer Kelly
March 2016

Justice's Fight Goes
​to D.C.!

On May 18th, Jennifer and her family traveled to Washington, D.C., so Jen could give testimony at a Congressional Hearing in front of a Bipartisan Task Force on the Heroin Crisis. She was invited by CT Congressman Joe Courtney after sharing her story with him.  

We are so proud of her! 

​Justice's Fight: Justice for All Addicts


erase stigma

Parents and friends coming together to bring awareness to the heroin epidemic, educating parents and youth, and eliminating the stigma of addiction.